Can You see everything in the Western US in two months?

We are ready to go. Our one year’s worth of stuff is packed into our 1998 Ford Windstar minivan. Yes, it is packed tight and we are not sure how comfortable it is going to be. It might have been wiser to get a bigger van or less stuff. Normal people would most probably rent a RV for a trip like we have in mind, but I guess we are not wise nor even normal.


Anyway, the story with our van and the setup in it starts with T&K, who passed the shelf in the picture down to us after their trip in USA and before going to Thailand. A lot of campers who modify their cars and build a bed into it usually have it on top and the storage below the sleeping unit. It’s the other way around in our car. We are going to be sleeping under all of our belongings!


Where do we go?

Well, we are not exactly sure yet, but we’ll figure it out on the way. Right now we have more than 10 000 km and over 50 points of interest marked down on our map. But like we said, nothing is set in stone and we’ll see how fast and how far we get.


What are Your recommendations? What’s out there that we definitely can not miss? Let us know in the comments below 😉

Where do we come from?

Originally from Estonia but we’ve spent the last year in Canada and out of the year more than 10 months at Baker Creek Mountain Resort – a hidden gem in the Canadian Rockies. It’s been a wonderful time full of hiking and camping, skiing and snowboarding and a lot more. You can read about some of our adventures at our Canadian blog or watch the videos on YouTube.


The last day at Baker was really diverse and full of emotions. We are sad to leave this place we really feel at home at but at the same time we are excited about the adventures ahead. To leave the resort on an adventurous note Alpha Beet decided to take a dip in the creek. He was joined by A and the two had a lovely swim in the icy water. What a way to jumpstart your day! By the way, something similar happened last year. Check it out here!

vlcsnap-2016-03-19-06h53m25s615  vlcsnap-2016-03-19-06h54m01s685.png

After the refreshing swim and a little bit of more work we started packing and cleaning. When we were done, we went over and said our thanks and goodbyes to all of the great staff here at Baker. We wish everybody the best of luck on their journey and are grateful to have met you!

Farewell, Baker Creek, welcome road-trip!

To answer the question in the heading – we will see!





  1. It was a pleasure to meet with you here at the Malad Idaho Cherry Creek Rest area on I-15 as you work your way back toward Canada. You are doing a trip that most people would dream of doing and having an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Best of luck with the rest of the trip and Look forward to your sharing the rest of your vacation. Best of luck – Cherry Creek Rest Area – I-15 south of Malad City, Idaho –

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ernie! Such a great surprise to see you’ve found our site! Was nice to have met you! Thank you for the advice on the road and good wishes! The Cherry Creek Rest Area was a real nice place to stop and now you’ve made it even more memorable :). Thank you!


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