Day 2. Rattlesnakes in Washington?

The gypsy way of sleeping-in-the-car was successfully tested – we only hit our knees and heads a couple of times. We continued our drive on Hwy 97 awing at the magnitude and extent of orchards in the valley. It must be magical driving through here in April and May with all of them blossoming!


We headed through Snoqualmie Pass – an interesting place in the Cascade mountains between the semi-desert to the east and semi-rainforest to the west. Because of the moisture coming from the Pacific it gets a lot of snow- an average of 10m a year! And it shows! It was wild to walk between the snowbanks higher than us.

The plan was to find Goldmyer hot springs, but a local shared that it would be and extreme undertaking this time of year so we decided to take on a little hike closer to the coast – the Rattlenake Ledge Trail.

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail is a 4 mile or 6,4 km roaund trip starting from a well maintained day-use area. The 1100 foot or 300m elevation gain makes it a moderately difficult but at the same time very rewarding hike. If you get lucky with the weather that is, because it rains pretty often in the Western Washington. When the settlers first arrived to these lands, one of them wrote to his journal the day of arrival: “We will start building when the rain stops.” Guess what, it hardly stopped the next day or the day after!

What made the trail extra cool for us was just not the exposure and great views but also bumping into Jake and Alonso – two Seattleits who are in the process of planning their European trip, including a few days in Estonia. What a coincidence, right. We had a good

time strolling down the ledge with the guys and their companions from Las Vegas, exchanging information about the things to do and see in each of our hometowns.

It’s written all over the Rattlesnake trail brochures to go for a dip in the water after the hike and we sure did just that. The water was Warm compared to the glacial water we were used to! That means we’ll have awesome warm dips all along the road right after the big city of Seattle.

Today – 347 km
Total 1007 km

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