First day on the road. Is it Okanagan or Okanogan

[poteito] – [potato], [tomeito] – [tomato]. Canda has Okanagan, US has Okanogan.

We departed Baker Creek at the crack of dawn to make sure we got to the US border in daylight, because we were going to be suspicious enough with our tightly packed car and funny accents. The car is so full of stuff that we had to squeeze ourselves in on top of it all!

After 11 months it was sad to leave the people we had got to know at Baker. When we were driving away towards US, all the different hikes and situations flashed in our minds as we were saying goodbye to make room for new adventures ahead. The more we drove, although, the more excited we got about the adventures waiting ahead.

After a while we were so excited that we even decided to skip the awesome ice-cream shop in Tappen and head straight down to BC-s wine cellar – the Okanagan valley.

DSC_1199-001  DSC_1182-001


First we stopped in Vernon and then turned in to downtown Kelowna to go for a stroll in the sunny spring weather. We were really surprised when we saw Chubacca stand on a street corner and even more superheroes were coming down the street. It turned out that the Canadian Fan Expo was going on, featuring costume contests, fantasy role-plays etc. A true show on the streets in the middle of daytime!

We made our last Canadian stop in Penticton – a really nice place with its lakes, the KVR trail, trestles and wineries! We popped into one of the wineries for a tasting – the atmosphere was like in a hip bar downtown Vancouver. Wine was rich, smoky and one of them even peppery.


That was it for Canda for now! We drove to the border and after presenting our passports, filling an application, paying a little fee (6 USD per person) and getting rid of our freshly bought oranges we were let into the USA! Goodbye litres and kilometres, welcome miles and gallons!

Today – 660km
Total – 660km
Oranges lost – 5 🙂

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