California. Point Reyes & Golden Gate

There is a peninsula just north of San Francisco, full of sheep, cows and deer, overlooked by an old lighthouse at the tip of it. That’s Point Reyes.

It is dramatically beautiful. The vast ocean sending waves to crush the earth, the sand and rocks protecting the green hills from the blue and white madness. Cows grazing and whales passing by…



But first we had to endure the road, as winding and bumpy as the plot for the Bold and the Beautiful. Once we got to the end of the land, it was spectacular – so spectacular, that we decided to take a nap. (We got up really early to start driving.) When we opened our eyes, the sun was shining, birds were singing and flowers blooming. The short walk to the viewpoint opened up breathtaking views and also exposed us to the winds. The wind was so strong that the 300 steps leading down to the lighthouse were closed. We didn’t mind too much, because this was the only point on our trip we “visited before” with the help of Google streetview.

The conditions on the cape are harsh and the ground is fragile and prone to erosion. A legend says that a wife of one of the lighthouse keepers tried to grow carrots, but the wind blew them all away! Yet there are some plants that endure, making the rugged landscape brighter with their colorful flowers.


Another bright thing on the coast is the Golden Gate bridge. It wasn’t there when captain Sir Francis Drake sailed the coast, most probably that’s why he suggested Point Reyes as a suitable place for a city. That didn’t happen and now everyone stops at the bay to look at the engineering marvel of Joseph Strauss. We drove over the 1,6 km suspension bridge into San Francisco in the evening and then turned west and stopped on the shore to get a really good overlook of the symbol of the city. After spending quite a while in the dark, taking pictures and feeling grateful for the opportunity to travel, we drove around in the city for a while and then returned to San Anselmo, north of the bridge, to get ready for an other appointment with a car doctor.


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