Nevada. Las Vegas wedding bells and gambling hell.

This is going to be a short post, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right!

Las Vegas has a reputation that goes way further than the glow of its neon lights. That and the fact that it’s only about 1,5 hours from Death Valley pulled us from our initial plan to visit LA first.DSC_6456DSC_6657We started our visit to the Sin City with a breakfast in the park and found out that the airport is busyer than North Pole on Christmas Eve, the wind is stronger than Arnold on his best days and it’s funnier than the Police Academy to watch beginners on hoverboards.

Las Vegas is definitely a city where more money equals more fun, so for budget travelers like us the fun consisted of driving up and down the Strip (enjoying the free parking at the hotels was a special treat), watching street performers and other tourists, checking out the nighttime fuzz and buzz at Fermont Street and seeing the hopeful people at casinos. We even bet some money ourselves, but that disappeared faster than fart in a fan factory.
DSC_6674-001One of the highlights of the night happened at the Stratosphere Sky Bar. As we were sitting at a table 100m above the city, wondering if you get fined for not having an outside light on your house or business, we heard comments from the next table that we understood all too well. Estonians! Eva-Liisa and Risto had come to Vegas to secretly get married – what a story, right! And they had met just the day before in Washington, DC! No, not really, they have been enjoying each-others positive company for 15 years and wanted something special for their wedding! We wish them all the best and lots of love!DSC_6666DSC_6681-001DSC_6683DSC_6517The next day we decided to get married in Vegas too! Ok, seriously now. Actually we drove out to Hoover dam to see what powers the Vegas lights. The dam – big chunk of concrete blocking the flow of Columbia river looked the same as it did 7 years ago when Rainer was last there, but the water level was lower and the highway bridge bypassing the dam was completed.

When we got back to our car, we saw that somebody in a four-wheeled Kinder-egg had gotten a surprise they didn’t expect and we didn’t like. Most probably the wind had pulled the door out of the hand of the driver of a white car and slammed it into ours, leaving a dent and a broken mirror. We looked around, but found no one to confirm our theory. Raili went looking for the responsible people, but luckily was not successful. Later we read from a local newspaper, that road rage is a seriously increasing problem. In the past week 2 people were killed and 1 seriously beaten up after getting into an argument for reasons like a parking spot in a Zoo!

Our van is full of stuff and we can’t use the rear-view mirror and it’s hard to drive with one side completely blind, so we postponed everything we were planning and started looking for a solution. We got a quote for 100$ from an auto-parts store and found a small glue-on mirror for 4$ but that wasn’t quite it. The guys said there is a pic-a-piece nearby, so we gave it a try. It is bit different from the way it works in Estonia – here you have to go and get the part you need off the wreck yourself. Makes it a fun Sunday activity for the whole family! Luckily we found what we needed for 6$ and got back on the road!

DSC_6723Now that we had seen Las Vegas and how money is spent, it was time for us to go where the money is made- Los Angeles, here we come!

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