Arizona. Montezuma, Meteor Crater, Sedona


There are a couple of places to visit in central Arizona before getting to the state pride – Grand Canyon. It’s not the law, but that’s what we did.

First, we checked out some prime riverside real estate at Verde Valley. 5 storeys high, solar heating, ecological building materials, low impact housing for many families and believe it or not, it cost 0 dollars to build it! It’s the Montezuma Castle, an expanded and front-walled cave near Camp Verde. The Sinagua indians built it around the 12th century using rocks, sticks and rivermud. Knowing that, it looks pretty awesome. DSC_6912-001.JPG

DSC_6919Secondly, we went to see why so many people are in love with Sedona, a small town south of Flagstaff. After getting a site at Cave Spring campground and more importantly – a shower token, we drove down the winding Hwy 89A until we got to a cozy hub of restaurants, shops and galleries, all surrounded by red canyons and magical vistas. A perfect place to kick back, grab a meal or just an ice-cream and take in all the beauty nature around the town has to offer.


The one and only colour of Sedona – earth from all around the place

The beauty in the next place we visited came in with a big bang. Not “The Bang”, but the one caused by a big rock falling from the sky. Meteor Crater, east of Flagstaff, is claimed to be the best preserved crater in the World. It’s in the middle of nowhere, next to nothing and basically a big hole in the ground, so it’s kinda easy keeping it the way it always has been, in our opinion.


The admission for seeing the crater is relatively high, but they try to make up for it by offering a free tour, a free movie and a free cookie with the ticket. But no cookie ever comes free as you might guess! What got us excited, was the fact that two out of 10 most recent meteor craters are in Estonia. Kaali and Ilumetsa. Go Estonia! An even crazier fact is that two small meteorites fell into Sylacauga in Alabama, about 3 km apart with the interval of 10 years, one getting stuck in the ceiling of the house and the other hitting a lady lying on the couch, bruising her hip and making her the only known person to be injured by a meteorite. It’s a wild universe, keep your eyes open!

    The white mushroom is a returned space capsule. 

Rainer trying to lift a ~500 kg piece of a meteor that landed separately from the Big Bang and did not burn. 

 We saw home from tv! On the map they have pinned out all crater locations in Europe. 

We haven’t been hiking for a while now and are keeping our boots for Grand Canyon!

Early morning in our hotel near Grand Canyon! World class accommodation!





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