At the end of the 19th century Aleksey Tolstoy wrote a fairy tale about a gigantic turnip – a true demonstration of the strength and resilience of a root vegetable.

Juurikad – meaning root vegetables in Estonian and also a metaphor for the strong and wicked – it’s a webpage of an adventurous young couple set out to explore the world and visit places on and off the beaten path.

R&R stands for Rainer and Raili. We are 2 Estonians, both in our late 20’s 😉 and feel like there is such a big world in front of us, waiting to be discovered. Our adventures on the North-American side of the big pond started in Canada in spring 2015. We lived and worked in the Canadian Rockies for a year, every day being an adventure on it’s own. Eventually it was time to pack the bags in Canada and we set out on a mission to travel through western US in our beautiful Ford van. We had 2 months for our loop from Lake Louise, Canada, to Southern California, US, and back up to Edmonton, Canada. It was 2 months of having our van as our kitchen, living room, dressing room and bedroom combined. Every now and then we stopped in motels or inn’s to stretch our legs. It got tight, squeezy and hot/cold in our car at times, but what could have been better than seeing the wonderful National Parks, booming cities and gems off the beaten path all from the comfort of our home on wheels.


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